the pale moon rose in its glory out on the western town

she told a sad sad story of the great ship that went down

t’was the fourteenth day of April over the wave she rode

sailing into tomorrow to a golden age foretold

the night was black with starlight the seas were sharp and clear

moving through the shadows the promised hour was near

lights were holding steady gliding over the foam

all the lords and ladies heading for their eternal home

the chandeliers was swaying from the balustrades above

the orchestra was playing songs of fading love

the watchman he lay dreaming as the ballroom dancers twirled

he dreamed the Titanic was sinking into the underworld

Leo took his sketchbook he was often so inclined

he closed his eyes and painted the scenery in his mind

Cupid struck his bosom and broke it with a snap

the closest woman to him he fell into her lap

he heard a loud commotion something sounded wrong

his inner spirit was saying that he couldn’t stand here long

he staggered to the quarterdeck no time now to sleep

water on the quarterdeck already three foot deep

smokestack was leaning sideways heavy feet began to pound

he walked into the whirlwind the sky splitting all around

the ship was going under the universe had opened wide

the roll was called up yonder the angels turned aside

lights down in the hallway flickering dim and dull

dead bodies already floating in a double bottom hull

the engines then exploded propellers they failed to start

the boilers overloaded the ship's bow split apart

passengers were flying backward forward far and fast

they mumbled fumbled and tumbled each one more weary than the last

the veil was torn asunder between the hours of twelve and one

no change no sudden wonder could undo what had been done

the watchman lay there dreaming at forty five degrees

he dreamed the Titanic was sinking dropping to her knees

Wellington he was sleeping his bed began to slide

his valiant heart was beating he pushed the tables aside

glass of shattered crystal lay scattered roundabout

he strapped on both his pistols how long could he hold out

his men and his companions were nowhere to be seen

in silence there he waited for time and space to intervene

the passageway was narrow there was blackness in the air

he saw every kind of sorrow heard voices everywhere

alarm bells were ringing to hold back the swelling tide

friends and lovers clinging to each other side by side

mothers and their daughters descending down the stairs

jumped into the icy waters love and pity sent their prayers

the rich man Mister Astor kissed his darling wife

he had no way of knowing it’d be the last trip of his life

Calvin Blake and Wilson gambled in the dark

not one of them would ever live to tell the tale or disembark

brother rose up against brother in every circumstance

they fought and slaughtered each other in a deadly dance

they lowered down the lifeboats from the sinking wreck

there were traitors there were turncoats broken backs and broken necks

the bishop left his cabin to help all those in need

turned his eyes up to the heavens said the poor are yours to feed

Davey the brothel-keeper came out dismissed his girls

saw the water getting deeper saw the changing of his world

Jim Dandy smiled he never learned to swim

saw the little crippled child and he gave his seat to him

he saw the starlight shining streaming from the east

death was on the rampage but his heart was now at peace

they battened down the hatches but the hatches wouldn’t hold

they drowned upon the staircase of brass and polished gold

Leo said to Cleo I think I’m going mad

but he’d lost his mind already whatever mind he had

he tried to block the doorway to save all those from harm

blood from an open wound pouring down his arm

petals fell from flowers ’til all of them were gone

in the long and dreadful hours the wizard's curse played on

the host was pouring brandy he was going down slow

he stayed right ‘til the end he was the last to go

there were many many others nameless here for ever more

they never sailed the ocean or left their homes before

the watchman he lay dreaming the damage had been done

he dreamed the Titanic was sinking and he tried to tell someone

the captain barely breathing kneeling at the wheel

above him and beneath him fifty thousand tons of steel

he looked over at his compass and he gazed into its face

needle pointing downward he knew he’d lost the race

in the dark illumination he remembered bygone years

he read the Book of Revelation and he filled his cup with tears

when the reapers task had ended sixteen hundred had gone to rest

the good the bad the rich the poor the loveliest and the best

they waited at the landing and they tried to understand

but there is no understanding for the judgement of God’s hand

news came over the wires and struck with deadly force

love had lost its fires all things had run their course

the watchman he lay dreaming of all things that can be

he dreamed the Titanic was sinking into the deep blue sea


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"TEMPEST" was released in September 2012 on the album
"Tempest", which had been recorded in the beginning of 2012.