JULY 10, 2008



1. Watching The River Flow

2. Lay, Lady, Lay

3. Rollin' And Tumblin'

4. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

5. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

6. High Water (For Charlie Patton)

7. Love Sick

8. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

9. Spirit On The Water

10. Highway 61 Revisited

11. When The Deal Goes Down

12. Summer Days

13. Ain't Talkin'

14. Thunder On The Mountain

15. Like A Rolling Stone

Today (13/07/08) my wife and I flew back to Cork/Ireland from the southern part
of Spain, where we did some extensive sightseeing, and also saw the Dylan
shows in Jaén, Jérez, and Mérida. My thoughts on Jaén and Jérez I have
shared already, but since the show in Mérida I had very little internet
access, and still some sightseeing to do, so this review had to wait. And
since Bob did not pull out any songs he did not already perform numerous
times in Europe this summer, no one will probably have missed any report
of my 61st Bob Dylan concert (I am sure Bob must have know this, as he
included Highway 61 into the show. I mean, what are the odds? He had only
played it fifty times before this year).

So here are a few personal reflections about the Mérida show, which I saw
from the rail, much closer to the center than in Jaén or Jérez. I enjoyed
a good sound and a great view to observe all the band members at work.
Especially the interplay between Mr. Freeman and Bob Dylan was a pleasure
to behold. Earlier that day while sightseeing near the old Roman bridge in
Mérida I had the chance to thank Mr. Freeman personally for his
contribution on stage. His solos were great again in Mérida, especially
during “Spirit On The Water”, the only song that night by the way, which
featured Dylan on harp, at the beginning and at the end of the song.

No new songs I had never seen this time, as during the two previous shows,
and only four songs which I had not seen already a few days earlier in
Jaén or Jérez. The Mérida show was also two songs shorter, as they had to
finish before 11pm. One of the best songs for me was of course my second
“Ain't Talkin'”, which I sadly could not enjoy as much as the version in
Jaén, as some members of the audience behind me did not know the meaning
of “Ain't Talkin’”. Also a very fine version of the magnificent “When The
Deal Goes Down”, my favorite “Modern Times” song, which I had seen twice
last year in Germany, was a great addition to the concert, and to my
holiday in Spain.

The best block of songs for me were numbers five to seven, all of which I
had not seen in either Jaén or Jérez. The first peak of the show was my
tenth “A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall”, performed very focused by Dylan and
his band. And since we were all dried up after waiting outside the very
picturesque bullring, and after more waiting at the rail for the show to
start, Bob followed “Hard Rain” with “High Water”, which I was also glad
to see, as I liked this year’s versions on the recordings a lot. After
this Bob pulled out the most animated and strong “Love Sick” I have ever
seen him sing. The way he sang it was one of the best parts of the entire

It was also the only “Time Out Of Mind” song I got to hear in Jaén, Jérez,
and Mérida, where I sadly did not see any songs at all from between 1974
and 1997. From “Love & Theft” I got to hear five songs, including the rare
“Moonlight”, and the even rarer “Mississippi”. And from “Modern Times” I
got to experience live in concert within a few days all nine songs he has
performed live so far. It sure was great to see again some fine Dylan
shows somewhere else than in Ireland or in good ol’ Germany, or somewhere
in between, and to combine it with a much needed sun holiday and visiting
some very beautiful Spanish cities, before, in between, and after these
three concerts.